UDP Flooder [DoS] - Coded by tjackiseN

I recommend pressing "Start" 3 times to create 3 threads spamming. But if you got better internet than 100/100 you could press a lot more.

Note: It's possible to take down sites/computers using this, BUT you need good internet speed.

Warning: If people will look up the traffic, your ip address will appear very visible.
You could also get a police report if you attack big sites.

If you are attacking for a long time (~days), your ISP can see that and they can shutdown your internet connection and give you a call and ask why the hell you are sending millions of packets.

I recommend using this in a trojan server if you are working on one, if you are, send me a mail to MPGHtjackiseN@gmail.com and i might send the sources. I won't if you're a script kdidie.

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