[Garry's Mod] Chat Spammer [LUA]

Hello what's up, haven't released anything for a while now. But i'm back, and now i'm going to release a chat spammer made for Garry's Mod. If you wan't to try it out on a public server, I would recommend you to bypass sv_allowcslua and probably sv_cheats to 1.

Using Cheat Engine won't work anymore, just telling you. I don't take any responsibility for any VAC bans (if you're using the wrong type of bypass and getting detected by VAC). I am using something called cvar3, which force sv_allowcslua and sv_cheats to 1 on all servers.

Anyway, after bypassing with cvar3 (use google), download the file below and put it in: Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\lua

Click here to download spam.lua

Note: This script was made for TTT and sandbox. Won't work on any other gamemodes.
But if you really want me to fix that so send an email about it. (mpghtjackisen@gmail.com)

:: Retard Notice ::
For those who can't read the code:
Set spam_enabled to 1 to start, and 0 to disable.
Set spam_message to the message you want to spam.

If any links stop working, just comment it or send me a mail.  Enjoy spamming!

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